scored blockScored block is manufactured by using a mold with the score already in place. It is used to simulate the mortar joints of the units above and below. The scores are essentially false joints in the masonry unit.

Scored block can help you transform a plain masonry wall with little extra cost into a more pleasing design and add extra visual appeal without sacrificing any load bearing capability. Gray scored block is available in the following shapes & sizes — also available in color on a special order basis.

O1E — Open One End; O2E — Open Two End; sc1s — Scored One Side; sc2s — Scored 2 Side; DCBB – Deep Cut Bond Beam; SBBB — Solid Bottom Bond Beam

Scored Block – 4″ and 6″ wide

Scored Block — 8″ wide

Scored Block — 10″ wide

Scored Block — 12″ wide